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Choosing the right DJ can either make or break an event. Price alone cannot predict quality. An expensive DJ is not necessarily the best in his or her craft, just as an inexpensive DJ is not necessarily the worst.

We at Heaton’s Digital Entertainment stay busy enough that we don't have to charge an arm and a leg for our service, so we are modestly priced. You get more bang for your buck by choosing our service over the other guy.

So, when you start thinking of your next event and wonder who you can call to make your event memorable, think of Heaton’s Digital Entertainment at 814.692.4318. Please also keep us in mind when you hear of someone who is looking for a professional DJ for their big event.

Thank You,
Brian Heaton


I have decided to go digital and start a disc jockey business. DJ’ing has always fascinated me and I often reminisce of my teenage years of being a disc jockey at the local roller skating rink in Jefferson, Iowa. Yes, I made the big time at a very young age, I was the mix master that all my friends envied every Friday and Saturday night! No, no not really. But, it’s my story.

Our mission statement is to first and foremost provide a successful event for our client at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality. We will be responsible, on time and professional, yet interactive and energetic for our client. We will listen to the needs of the client, and use our experience to make the event a success. we will go the distance to satisfy you the client in all event planning phases.